Graham headshotWe live in interesting times.

Britons of my era share the experience of having seen vast changes in technology, culture and language in our own lifetimes.  The world of work has also been transformed.

Alongside the increasing domination of the world by our largest technocracies, we have also witnessed a growing awareness that social and environmental concerns are also supremely important.  I am also aware that health, wealth and happiness are not equally shared out around the world.

This website brings together my thoughts, words and deeds as we work to address these issues and offer practical solutions through working in business and with the land.

You can read an interview here which sheds more light on who I am and how I think


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  4. Your place looks amazing! I am currently having serious withdrawal symptoms since moving to a lovely new build in Coldstream with a small blank canvas, yet to be gdn landscaped, compared to previous gdns where I grew plums,apples and veggies and entertained all sorts of birds and wildlife. Also miss my previous wk, role at Ridley hall, Bardon Mill where I worked for a horticultural service for adults with Learning Disabilities -a-sowing and a-digging. I am busy, busy, busy but wonder if you have any ops for volunteers or just a chance to look around and gain some ideas? Regards, Eileen.

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