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Another good bit of coverage in ScotBuzz which I missed during a busy period recently:

You can see the article on line here

23 Mar Bus. Buzz 1 Red Shed
Congratulations to Graham Bell (pictured), founder and director of the environmentally friendly Red Shed horticultural nursery.

Graham has been singled out as the best soils in organic grounds in Scotland by research at Edinburgh University. He says he now produces over ten tonnes of food per hectare with minimal effort. He is also teaching others how to do this.

Graham’s Garden Cottage at the Lees Stables, Kelso Road, Coldstream, Berwickshire, TD12 4LF is a forest garden started from scratch twenty four years ago, and is now sufficiently mature to show the intention of its original design. It is sited in part of the old walled garden of the Lees Stables.

This year Graham will host two more of his popular open days –

Saturday 11th July (peak soft fruit season) and Saturday 10th October (peak top fruit season).

Plus, in honour of International Permaculture Day, an additional Open Day on Sunday 3 May 2015.

Time: 10.30 for 11 through to 4pm.

Each day has a full programme and includes a complimentary lunch.

Be inspired, and see the website for further details.

Thanks to Bill Jamieson for the coverage!

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