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What to do next?

What to do next?

Priorities and setting them are a huge challenge in a 24/7 world…. One in which we are constantly deluged in information, always expected to deliver everything now, have constant demands from others to meet their needs, and are oppressed by the demands of money.

Take a deep breath.  Exhale. And do that as many times as you need.  Being at rest and sleeping are important parts of increasing our ability to deliver those kinds of demands.

Understanding our own limits help.  ‘OK so I haven’t done everything, but this is what I can do well, now.’

In the garden the first priority is to harvest what is ready now.  If you don’t it will spoil and then all your work (and that of nature) will have been in vain.

The first priority is never weeding.  If you feel it is and compulsively seek to create bare soil then your first priority is probably to understand the place of weeds and their function.

Think about making connections always.  ‘This stuff needs cutting back’ then becomes… ‘So now how could these cuttings be useful- to grow more plants, then create mulch and feed the soil, to compost, to scatter seed elsewhere; or something else perhaps?’

Everything is an asset with uses.  If you don’t see that then take the time to ponder the matter.

‘I have too much to do!’  Then maybe your first priority is more time doing nothing.  One of my paperwork management techniques is ’piles’.  Put it in the pile and leave it till you get round to it.  It’s amazing how many things need no attention at all when you eventually get to them.  More compost.



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