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Stocktaking yesterday with Lee in the Nursery.  Struck by how many species there are and how many plants.  Very clear where attention is needed.  But overall looking very good as we come out of winter.  If only the ground weren’t so wet!  We’ve had to turn more grass over to paving this winter just so we don’t keep slipping over.  But overall stock is looking very good- and it’s planting time.  A visitor from the Berwickshire coast comes looking to make edible landscaping for a hotel specialising in weddings.  A very exciting project!  A woman from New Zealand representing a wind farm developer takes the tour enthusing about her garden in Surrey.  They’re all full of questions.

Gets me thinking about wealth.  So much more than money.  Good friends and willing helpers.  The opportunity to help others.  Biological wealth.  New plants breaking earth in the encroaching spring.  The scented blossom on the Daphne.  The abundance of o many other plants in the garden.  Sunlight.  Life.  Good food.

Knowledge and skills.  Opportunities to use them.  Abundant clean water and air for which many others in the world are desperate,  The ability to keep your sense of humour.  Time to do what you want.  A loving family.  Health.  A roof over our heads. So many things to be grateful for.

In 2014 we aim to help as many people as we can grow these assets with the least amount of inputs possible.  And to keep learning.

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