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Top Fruit Harvest

OK this is when the scales tip and the harvest log goes over the top! The first fruit are in.
First topfruit 25.8.13 Beauty of Bath, Kerry Pippin, King of the Pippins 4
So we have Kerry Pippin, Beauty of Bath and King of the Pippin Apples. About 25 Kilos in total. And these are just the earliest. Picked half the Victoria plums (to stop the tree breaking) and some Herman- huge but not prolific. Plus six kilos of blackberries. From here on in it goes overboard! Lots given away already. Chutney and jelly made. Apple juice bottles stored. What’s next? Here’s Nico and his Granny ‘sampling’ blackberries. Actually scoffing them down as fast as he can!
Granny & Nico eating blackberries 25.8.13 6

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