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Today’s lesson (for me) – Teamwork!

Well it’s a bright and early start (at least for old codgers like me). Up and at it 8 a.m. Even managed a couple of boiled eggs (we’re lucky to have friends (Mark & Jessica) who give us eggs from their profuse supply (apologies Vegan friends).

Masanobu Fukuoaka the great Japanese food scientist and master grower said “it’s not about growing food- it’s about growing people” – he was dead right. Dave Watson painting in the garden 2017

At 9 o’clock Jason sidles in positive as ever and goes off to move plum trees. A little later Ross appears (plus dogs) settle them down in the sun lounge, and moves apples. Shane appears and more trees depart for sunny Perthshire (by the end of the day). Nancy is busy moving smaller plants. I’m making sure we all have teas and coffees and we all know what we are doing. Iain arrives with pickup and the Clan Stunt Cycle team trailer and we start loading… Two hours later Kate and Stewart arrive with the Luton Van. We are awash with a moving plenty of forest garden plants…

Ross does amazing packing. We have lunch together (mostly from the garden) – Pumpkin Soup, Cauliflower soup, Fruit and vegetable vegan casserole, and Kedgeree… take your pick. Ross is inoculated with strong coffee. Stewart prefers tea. Cake and biscuits appear. Around 3 p.m. van and trailer are fully loaded but the team cracks on, preparing for a second trip tomorrow. Shane and Jason keep at it till 4.30 in the gloaming. A beautiful crescent moon rises.

A few of our apples back in 2014

The Red Shed travels on a wave of goodwill, keen workers, good food, happy fellowship and good humour.

Our founding father in the Permaculture world, Bill Mollison used to say (one to one) ‘I don’t think I can save the world on my own. I think it will take three of us.’ It was of course a deliberate provocation. ‘Go find another committed person’. For years I took this far too literally believing three groups were the way to run things. Of course it wasn’t meant literally. It’s actually going to take us two days, but moving a forest garden nursery from The Borders, through East Lothian, Midlothian, Edinburgh, The Kingdom of Fife and into Highland Perthshire with this small team of people …

Fruitfulness comes in many forms

I remain indebted to Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Onwards and upwards and let’s grow that team just as we grow our gardens. With patient loving care, accepting our failures, celebrating our successes and sharing our surpluses. Counting value rather than money. Feeding each other on every level.

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