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This week in the garden

If you are behind by the end of February you’ll likely be behind all year. So while much in the garden is still sleeping now is the time to get active and get sorted.

So today in the Red Shed we finished the clearing. The deep beds have been cleared, the Cape Gooseberry has been cut back to pretty much ground level, the grapes have been hard pruned back to the main stem and the passion flower cut back to leave a good, healthy foundation for new growth. As you can see the shed is looking much different to the way it looks at the height of the growing season.


Not much to see just now, but wait until summer! And we have started planting again – a good sign that the seasons are starting to turn. A good and cheap way to start, if you have an indoor space like the Red Shed, is to use the inside of toilet rolls. These can be packed closely together, here in an old washing up bowl, and filled vwith compost. We use spent mushroom compost.

A seed or two in each tube ….


…. and that’s the carrots and parsnips sown! Simple!

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