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The Value of Simple Work

I am indebted to the amazing Rowena Stone for this insight. Another building block in the Manifesto for Global Change:

The basis of any economy is the everyday work of living, cooking, washing, sleeping, eating and growing food. When we are fully resourced we function at optimum level.

It is our responsibility to ourselves and those around us that our levels are kept topped up.

Domestic work has been crucial to man’s development from time immemorial. Before homesteading, settled agriculture and land ownership, this simple work would be both very close to home and wide ranging in a hunter gatherer way of life. Deep knowledge of one’s surroundings and needs was the most valuable possession.

Today in our sophisticated world where much of the ‘work’ has been taken out of our lives and the knowledge has been capitalised, centralised and appropriated by our civilisation, the how and whys have often been lost, the underlying patterns are errded and distorted, wisdom is lost.

Engaging in this work is essential for human life on earth. Converting produce from the garden to food to share and nourish ourselves, converting a huge glut of materials to clothe ourselves, insulate our bodies from elements that are harmful as well as adorning ourselves for social reasons makes clothing ourselves a priority as well.

This work imbues its own wisdom and now that we have the internet, now more than ever before we can share skills practices and ways, knowledge and wisdom. ,

Or even Cream of Celery Soup

Rowena Stone

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