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The Graham Bell Collection

There are in fact lots of Graham Bells.
So I thought it might be fun to make a collection of them! (Started 21 April 2008.)

If you are a Graham Bell and feel miffed because you’re not included here or because your details are not correct e-mail me at and I’ll add you in.

Creative Graham Bells:

Scott Graham Bell
Cowboy Photographer and Rancher, Arizona

Graham Bell;
Artist, 1910-1943. Often described as British, although born in Natal, South Africa. He held his first solo exhibition in Durban at the age of twenty, where he attended Durban Art School. He was a critic and journalist for a number of years. He first became associated with the Euston Road Group while experimenting with abstractions; after 1937 he worked in a realist manner. He died in 1943 while serving in the RAF. He was then posthumously represented in the overseas exhibition of South African Art held in 1948.

Graham Bell

Graham Bell
Visual Effects Artist (has worked on films such as Alien Vs Predator and the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Graham Bell-Wedding photographyGraham Bell
Photographer, Edinburgh
Specialising in Weddings

Graham Bell Design Ltd
website design

Graham Bell;
Rock Guitarist and Singer
GBellMusician 1972Graham Bell (born 24 April 1948, in Blyth, Northumberland, England, died 2 May 2008) was a pop and rock singer. His father, Jimmy Bell, was a well known local singer and his mother, Leonora Rogers, was in show business prior to marriage after which she was heavily involved in local music and dance. Graham made a solo single in 1966, and a solo album in 1972 with Tim Hinkley, Mel Collins and Ian Wallace.

He was a member of Skip Bifferty (aka Heavy Jelly), and Every Which Way, a band formed by Brian Davison formerly of the The Nice. Musical style was jazzy Prog Rock with guitar from John Hedley playing call and response with Bell’s blues shout vocals. Bell joined his old mates from Skip Bifferty to form Bell & Arc in July 1971, with John Turnbull, Mickey Gallagher, Bud Beadle, Kenny Craddock, Steve Gregory, and Alan White. They rapidly built a strong following around London and in the phrase current at the time “blew Joe Walsh off the stage” at a sold-out gig at The Roundhouse.
Bell was tempted away as a solo artist to record an album with Bob Johnson who produced Bob Dylan. He then appeared in “Tommy The Opera”. After this it was reported that Pete Townshend produced an album for him but it never saw the light of day. He dodged the limelight for many years before cropping up in Snowy White’s Blues Agency in 1989. He also played on Carol Grimes’ “Warm Blood” in 1974, with Tommy Eyre, Jess Roden, John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick and Henry Lowther. Graham Bell died at his London home on 2 May 2008 following a short battle with cancer.Retrieved from “

Graham Bell, Junior choir master St Leonard’s Church, Lexden, Essex


Graham Bell
Lake Anne Winery – Wine Maker

Graham Bell
North East Budgerigar Society, Adelaide
“One of the most industrious and admired members of the North East Budgerigar Society is Graham Bell. Graham is currently the Ring Steward and Librarian for the club and a much-valued member of our Committee. I have selected Graham as the first of many members to be profiled both in our club magazine and also our Internet web page.”

Business and Tradesmen:

Graham Bell;
Author of How to Save a Fortune When Buying or Selling a Home.

Graham Bell
Community Worker

Graham Bell QC
Member Scottish Legal Aid Board
Commissioner Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
From 1998 to 2000 he was an Advocate Depute and represented The Crown in the Appeal Court. Since the year 2000 he has acted ad hoc for the Crown.

Graham Bell
technical author
Is, I think, based in Warwickshire and writes all the books about engines that pop-up on Amazon.

Graham Bell
Social Entrepreneur & Chief Executive of the Kibble Centre Paisley

Graham Bell:
Commodity Ecology

Graham Bell, Planning & Production Manager: Tweedale Press, Berwick upon Tweed

Graham Bell
Retired Police Det Insp & TV Presenter
“Graham is probably NZ’s best known police officer. With a 33 year, spectacularly successful, career behind him he retired from the police in December 2001 and began a new career as a television presenter on Police Ten 7. His TV career has also been an amazing success. He continues to bring criminals to justice with an equally important contribution from viewers.”

Graham Bell
painter and decorator Kirkstall, Leeds

Graham Bell
Chair of a not-for-profit company that manages Job Bank – a community-led project whose primary aim is to broker jobs and support business and lifelong learning. He is Vice Chair of Liverpool Local Strategic Partnership (LSP).”

Graham Bell
Landscape Gardener, Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire.
“Since the establishment of his business over 30 years ago, Graham Bell has had the greatest pleasure in creating landscaped gardens for discerning clients throughout the United Kingdom.”

Graham Bell
Ballywalter, Northern Ireland.
(N.G. Bell & Son ltd. timber importers and builders merchants.)


Dr Graham Bell, Senior consultant at Biotech Innovation and Future Health, Fife:

Dr Graham Arthur Charlton Bell
Professor of Evolutionary Biology at McGill University, Canada
winner of NSERC Award for Excellence

Graham_Bell_pic-McGillGraham Bell
Experimental studies of adaptation using yeast, Chlamydomonas and bacteria as model systems. Exploring the rate and effect of mutations and the dynamics of selection; and how genetic variation and species diversity in environments that vary in space and time, and the evolution of specialists and generalists. Field experiments using genetically well known model organisms.

Dr Graham E Bell
School of Mathematics & Statistics Dundee University

Graham Bell
Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers’ League

Discoverer of 47 asteroids and the comet eloquently named 178P/Hug-Bell (co-discoverer)

Graham Bell, Medical Director at Healthcare Skills Training (Glasgow) –

Sporty Types:

Graham Bell
Eight times British Ski Champion


Graham Bell
Soccer Commentator
“Champions Soccer Radio Network (CSRN) is a radio network based in Santa Monica, California that produces sports talk programmes, covering the news, scores and match highlights dedicated to the discussion of the sport of Football (soccer). CSRN was formed by English expatriates Graham J. Bell (former English FA-accredited referee) and Gary “Gazza” Richards (former-Queens Park Rangers footballer and soccer pundit on Fox Soccer Channel’s Super Sunday Plus).”

Graham Bell, London based runner

Graham Bell
Volleyball coach and NI Junior Team member

Graham Bell, (one of the) Managers, Hythe Strikers Youth Football Club

Other Graham Bells:

Graham Bell
Kilsyth Scotland

Graham Bell
late Ambulance Officer, Merimbula, Australia

Graham Bell
Cattle judge and shorthorn specialist

D. Graham Bell Ornithologist
Further details welcome

Graham C. Bell
Chartered Town Planner

Graham Bell,
Conservative Councillor North West Dumfries

Graham Bell,
Assistant Director University of Rhode Island Bookstore

Graham Bell
Principal Consultant, Wireless Technology Practice, PA Consulting Group, Stevenage UK

And then of course there’s always:

Alexander Graham Bell 1847-1922 Inventor, inspirer and National hero claimed by at least three countries – but born in Edinburgh Scotland, and widely regarded as Canadian by adoption, although he eventually founded one of the USA’s most successful companies, known today as AT&T. Formerly credited with inventing the telephone, although that has now been challenged, but without doubt a genius and innovator in his own time.
You can enjoy Sweet’s song Alexander Graham Bell at:
But we put him last because he always hogs the limelight…

Our latest arrival (3.10.15) is called Graham Bell. What a surprise! He is an accomplished musical theatre guitarist and he is definitely worthy of the graham bell website. You can find him at Many thanks to Kirstie Fraser for the entry!

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