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Sometimes small things matter most

I’ve got a huge backlog of stuff to post here for the general enlightenment of all. Sharing our trip to Australia. Massive things to say about saving the planet. But what I want to do right now in the few precious moments spared to me to say anything at all, is to share with you a few moments with my grandson, Nico, aged 5. Because they’re probably worth a lot more than the rest of what I could say.

Every Sunday (well not every Sunday) but as much as possible our daughter Ruby and her son Nico come and have lunch with us. Sometimes Keiran (Ruby’s partner) is able to come too. Sometimes our son Sandy (and maybe his fiancee Ruthi) is home. Sometimes we have other guests. We have long enjoyed Sundays as family time when we can eat together, play games, enjoy the garden, share diaries and hear where we are all at.

But Nico always wants and gets carrot fish. Here are some with the odd celery fish. If food is fun kids enjoy it. He may or may not eat what we cook for lunch (I’m not too fussed- if he’s hungry he’ll eat). But he always expects and eats carrot fish. What else are Granddads for?

Last Sunday he came and saw the fish and said “Grandad, can you make carrot people. So we did.

There were some other bits- bows and arrows and a carrot baby but they all got eaten.

And then after lunch we made a legoscape. Now see the result- but the read the 5 year old commentary.

The groundwork were laid out by Nico (unaided). They are completely symmetrical. Where did that come from? Granddad made the woman with the wheelbarrow and added greenhouses and the bit of lawn. The two people on the bottom right sitting with a drink. Nico say: The one on the right is me with a glass of red wine. I’m 18 because I can’t drink wine till then. The other one is Nigel. He’s 22 so that’s OK.

I may be able to retire soon. God bless Generation z because we need them to look after us when the world falls apart.

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