Red Shed Nursery, Lees Stables, Coldstream TD124LF

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Scottish Smallholders Conference

Will be speaking here on February 19th. See here

Flattered by Rosemary’s kind words:

“Over the past 40 years, Graham Bell has amassed a huge amount of knowledge in permaculture, renewables and sustainable business. Unsurprisingly, Graham is frequently asked for advice, which, in the spirit of creating a sharing economy, he wants to make widely available – so we are delighted to have him speak at this year’s Smallholding Scotland conference.
The author of two books “The Permaculture Way” and “The Permaculture Garden”, Graham’s home is Garden Cottage, which is sited in part of the old walled garden of the Lees Stables, Coldstream. It is a forest garden started from scratch twenty six years ago, and is now sufficiently mature to show the intention of its original design. As well as producing 1.25 tonnes of edible produce in 2015, the garden also produces firewood, hundreds of plants and trees a year for the Red Shed nursery, a haven for wildlife, and a general sense of well-being. For anyone interested in practical applications of permaculture principles it’s an inspiring visit.
As well as providing advisory and consultancy services, Graham runs courses on permaculture, forest gardening and food preservation.
Graham’s talk at the conference is “Abundant Scotland: How polyculture, diversity, respect for nature, adding value, alternatives to money, food preservation, sharing knowledge and showing the light to others can lift your enterprise to true sustainability whilst spreading goodwill and yielding 14 tonnes per hectare. Oh, and feed your family at the same time.”

I’ll have a few mates in tow too. So if this is your kind of thing, come join us.

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