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Ribes divericatum

Available in 2 litre pots.

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Ribes divericatum

Forms a large bush, with spines. The fruit is the size of a large blackcurrant, but the flavour is more mellow.

It grows into a large plant so best to allow 2 m x 2 m x 2 m space for a fully grown specimen.

Pruning. Is best carried out after fruiting. Cut out weak and tangled branches to try to form a more open bush and thus aid fruit picking.

Propagation of the Worcesterberry is easy. Just take a cutting about 45 cm long and bury half the length in a good, free draining compost. Place the cutting in a cool position and keep moist. It should be rooted in three months, and then it can be placed in its final position.

Available from Red Shed Nursery in 2 litre pots

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