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Available in 7 varieties and different rootstocks



Available in 7 varieties:
The sweet, soft fruit are good quality and store well.
The crop size on a mature tree is excellent. Ideal for growing on wires as an espalier or cordon etc. They have very flexible side shoots.
A delicious pear and one of the best choices for shadier and colder spots, Conference is the UK’s most widely grown garden variety. Ideal for training on wires as a cordon or espalier and can be grown on North facing walls.
Doyenne du Comice
Arguably the best flavoured pear. Self sterile.
Introduced from France 1849.
Hellens Early
Self sterile. Early. First recorded 1629.
A red version of Williams Bon Chretien that crops a little earlier. Like its parent, it is a sublime eating pear, with almost more juice in it than flesh and a flavour to match any other pear. It also brightens up the garden in spring, when its young leaves have a reddish colour.
The tree is naturally quite narrow and upright, so it’s a good choice if you’re worried about fitting a full sized tree into your garden.
Winter Nellis

QA – Will grow to around 13-16ft depending on the strength of the variety.

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Concorde, Conference, Doyenne du Comice, Hellens Early, Jargonelle, Sensation, Winter Nellis, Beth, Beurre Hardy, Red Bartlet


Kirchensaller, Quince A, Quince C, Quince E


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