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Oregon Grape


Oregon Grape

Available in 12 litre pots.

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Oregon Grape

Commonly known as Oregon Grape, there are around 70 species of Mahonia, originally native to Americas, Asia and Himalaya, but now common all over the world. They are grown for their beautiful dark green foliage which brightens the winter garden and throughout winter they produce long stalked bright yellow flowers, followed by black grapes.

The one shown here, looking wonderful in the forest garden, is around 8ft tall.

Mahonia grow well in full sun, but will also grow in shade or semi-shade. This one is in shade for most of the summer as it sits below a mature walnut tree.

They grow well on most types of soil and, as you can see, are 100% hardy even in the Scottish climate! Mahonia berries are good in fruit salad and make a nice wine

Available from The Red Shed Nursery in 12 litre pots.

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