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Musk Mallow


Musk Mallow

Malva moschata

The perfect attractive, low maintenace shrub

Available in 2l pots.



Musk Mallow
Malva moschata

This delightful native hedgerow plant is becoming less common through industrial agriculture.

It is an outstanding member off the Malvaceae – (unsurprisingly) the mallow family, which includes another of other natives, including Marsh Mallow, Tree Mallow and Hollyhocks, but also such exotics as Hibiscus, Okra (Ladies’ Fingers or Bindi Bhaji are other names) and Jamaican Sorrel. They share in common that their flowers are incredibly rich in Vitamin C and colourful.

Great in salads or for making teas. Their leaves are mucilaginous (slimy) which makes them great as a stomachic. Indeed in Egypt mallow leaves cooked in chicken stock are a traditional hangover cure. Musk Mallow is a north hardy, easy to grow perennial.

Each plant will grow to between 1 and 1.5 metres high with a similar spread, reaching maximum growth in 10 -20 years.

The perfect attractive, low maintenace shrub

Available in 2l pots.

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See also Common Mallow
Malva sylvestris

An annual or biennial of low maintenance turf and waste areas. Common mallow most often establishes along culverts, fencelines and near foundations.

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