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Available in 4 varieties on St Julian A rootstock.
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Available in 4 varieties on St Julian A rootstock.

Reliable Green Gage ready August / September in the North. Cambridgeshire 1927.
Early Transparent
The skin is thin and if the fruit is held up to the light it is sometimes possible to see the flesh and stone inside.
Not as fussy as the Old Green Gage. Heavy Cropping. It has the rich sweet gage-like flavour and aroma of a genuine gage, but it is also an excellent culinary variety producing a well-flavoured straw-coloured jam.
Old Green Gage
Old Green Gage is the definitive "gage", and often considered the best flavoured of any plum variety. Common in France since the Middle Ages introduced to England in the 18th century by Sir William Gage, who lived at Bury St. Edmunds and obtained a tree from his brother who was a priest living in Paris.
Oullins Golden Gage
Borders fruit writer Hogg noted its exquisite flavour and handsome appearance. Most north hardy of the gages. Self fertile, mid season.

ST. JULIEN A rootstock – Will grow 12-15ft.
Please note all 2 year trees on St.Julien A will be young 1/2 standards.

For non-local deliveries and/or orders over £200 please contact for a quotation.

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Cambridge, Early Transparent, Old Green Gage, Oillins Golden Gage


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