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We have £5 off all apple varieties in August.
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We have an extensive range of Apple varieties available on a range of rootstock.

M26 – Trees reach about 8-10ft high, crops in the second or third year depending on variety. Also

unlike other dwarfing stocks, M26 needs no staking unless in a very exposed


MM106 (semi-dwarfing) – Was the most widely planted rootstock for bush apples in commercial

orchards. Attains a height of 12-15 ft if allowed. Quite early fruiting. Suitable for fan trees and

cordons. Plant 12-15 ft (3m) apart. Bush, fans and cordons 3ft.

M25 and MM111 (half-standards) – will grow to 15-18ft.

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Allington Pippin, Ashmeads Kernel, Beauty of Bath, Beauty of Moray, Blenheim Orange, Bloody Ploughman, Bramley 20, Bramleys Seedling, Broadholme Beauty, Cambusnethan Pippin, Charles Ross, Christmas Pippin, Clydeside, Coul Blush, Court of Wick, Cox's Self Fertile, Crawley Beauty, Crispin, Devonshire Quarrended, Discovery, Duke of Devonshire, East Lothian Pippin, Egremont Russet, Ellison's Orange, Fiesta, Fortune, Gaia, Galloway Pippin, Golden Hornet, Golden Pippin, Golden Hornet, Golden Spire, Greensleeves, Hawthornden, Howgate Wonder, Irish Peach, Adams Permain, James Grieve, John Downie, Jumbo, Katy, Kerry Pippin, Keswick Codling, Kidds Orange Red, King of the Pippins, Lady of Wemyss, Lass of Gowrie, Laxtons Superb, Limelight, Lord Clyde, Lord Derby, Lord Lambourne, Maggie Sinclair, Meridian, Norfolk Royal, Orkney, Oslin, Pitmaston Pineapple, Ribston Pippin, Scotch Bridget, Scotch Dumpling, Sops of Wine, Spartan, Stirling Castle, Stobo Castle, Sunset, Tower of Glamis, Tydemans Late Orange, White Melrose, Winter Banana, Winter Gem, Worcester Permain, Yarlington Mill, Yellow Ingestrie, Yorkshire Greening, Arthur Turner, Ardcairn Russet, Braeburn, Court Pendu Plait, Early Julian, Elstar, Kingston Black


MM106, M26, MM111, M25, Cider Apple, Espaliered, Crab Apple, M9


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