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Preserving Our Heritage

Well there are lots of ways this is important-
– our oral traditions
– the built environment
– our performing arts
– styles of dress
would be just a few examples.
But at an individual or family level we can achieve only so much. Some things are so important they need to be at a national level. And some of them can be surprisingly easy to achieve. Let’s start with seed saving.
Peas Gladstone 14.9.13 2
These are a pea variety called Gladstone. Grown in our garden. You can’t buy these seeds anywhere. They’re prohibited. Not registered. Only registered seed varieties from registered providers can legally be sold in the European Union. But we can grow them if we have them, save the seed and give them away. They’re a magnificently high cropping Victorian variety that just didn’t make the big company agenda. Amazing how many seed companies got bought out by massive companies. Amazing how they have lobbied for EU legislation that nearly banned seed exchange.

Every variety lost is not just a hit on our heritage it’s also a hit on our future food security. We need biodiversity to survive. You can do it too. Just save your own seeds and share them with others. Together we are strong.

2 thoughts on “Preserving Our Heritage”

  1. I have been looking to obtain a few (30?) Gladstone pea seeds for a couple of years,having read that they were a taste standard for Victorian gardeners.Is there a chance that I could swap with Magnum Bonum or Ne Plus Ultra.
    Alternatively,I could let you have some grape vine cuttings from a couple of wine grapes that grow well in our Cheshire garden ((Bacchus(white) and Rondo (red))
    Best regards

  2. I would just like to send you my previous message again,in case I typed in my e-mail incorrectly.
    I am a very keen gardener,and particularly like growing tall peas on my allotment.
    I grow Magnum Bonum and Ne Plus Ultra ,but would particularly like to acquire a few(30) Gladstone peas,as I have read that they used to be a flavour standard
    in Victorian times.I could swap with my tall peas or anything else I have.
    Hope you can help
    Best regards

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