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Potato Towers

People often wonder about the tyre towers in our garden.  Do they work?  Aren’t they polluted?  After twenty years I expect the rain has washed them clean (and they were some years off cars when we got them).  These are ‘Cara’ maincrop new potatoes (on a sheet of A4 paper to show scale).  12 kilos like that from four towers.  Just plant, earth up as they grow, and then harvest.Cara Potatoes 19.8.14 4

These were ‘Shetland Black’ a few years ago

Potato Towers 6.09 1 Shetland Black


This year we’ve also experimented with growing horseradish  in tyre towers to see if it makes harvesting easier…

Horseradish 15.11.13 1


If you think potatoes are boring, try this Peruvian selection:

Peruvian Potatoes

One thought on “Potato Towers”

  1. Had our first potatoes from towers yesterday. A great idea. We are using the towers to mark the boundary of our allotment so dual purpose in our case.

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