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Poem for a Friend

What are friends for?

What are friends for?
Well of course for when you need them
When we feel poor
As we all do now and then.

Poverty taunts us in many ways
Touch and laughter, hunger
Lack of appreciation, being unpaid
Some pains are fleeting. Some linger longer.

Warmth lacks only a p in the middle
To make us feel stronger
Hugs, the joy of having a widdle
Kisses, kind words many things make us feel better

But essentially to know
We are cared for
And to have our care for others respected now
So we can be prepared for

Tomorrow. How it comes around!
Always a wall
Love life. As long as it abounds
Hang on when it seems too tall

To climb. To know
To learn. To love
To go
Where you have never been. To move

Creating. Making shaking
Of inspiration. Waking

Dreams you never thought you would
Inspiring other people’s Tuesdays
On a Monday walking through woods
To give them a never to be rued day

If I could capture what you offer in a jar
It would be worth billions
Treasure what you are
And never doubt yourself

You are worth zillions

We are all inextricably bound together – whoever me meet in our lives

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