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Full PDC for 2020

Permaculture is not just growing food in a sustainable way. It is a complete design methodology in which we we learn from nature how to manage systems in order to fulfil human needs with minimal negative environmental impact. Sure, it usually starts by wanting to grow our own food but soon develops into ideas about working together to sustainably management of all our society needs.

The PDC course is held at Garden Cottage in Britain’s oldest intentional food forest garden. There is nowhere better to learn about permaculture. You will be learning in a place where permaculture principles have been put into practice for over 28 years!

The course will be led by Graham Bell. There is no-one better to start your permaculture journey with. Graham has a thirty year engagement with permaculture and has been teaching the subject for twenty five years. He has taught on five continents, pioneering new approaches in environments and cultures as diverse as Iceland and Israel, Slovenia, Sweden and Senegal, Guinea and Germany, Australia and the Adriatic, Portugal, France and Cyprus..

In recent times we have run the course as 6 modules over 2 weeks, the course covers all aspects of permaculture design, forest gardening and sustainable growing and permaculture principles.  And it is still possible to teach it this way.  However the PDC for 2020 at Garden Cottage will be run as two separate weeks (see below). We will still have an introductory two days on 9-10 March 2020.

Module 1 (Introduction to Permaculture)
First we share better ways of learning and agree how they will be used throughout the course. We decide what is permaculture and why do we need it. We look at design methods.

Module 2
How can we record information? Mapping and energy flows. Some design tools: Understanding energy. True yield, patterns and climate.

Module 3
Assessing and analysing what we have. More design basics: soil, tools, plants and trees, gardening techniques.

Module 4
Practicalities of design. Social systems and communication. Built environment. Real Wealth. Understanding Money and resource management.

Module 5
Site visits. Ecological building and structures. Water.

Module 6
Design project. Next steps.

Full details of the Core Curriculum can be found  here


Places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment!

The cost of the PDC is dependent upon your personal circumstances. Please visit the Course Charges page for details. These are under review, so early booking may well save costs. We do not consider you have booked unless you have paid or made an arrangement to pay in instalments.