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Apple Day 5 October 2013 4Here’s what some of the visitors to Garden Cottage had to say about thier time with us:

(On Apple Day October 2013)
Birthday Treat! Jan L.
Enjoyable every time! Win R.
Lovely day- very informative and inspiring. Faith F.
Thank you. We’ll be back! Kirsten & Kenneth W.
I’m happy to come here and to know your place. Carmen M.

Hi Graham, I’d like to thank you for my trees and shrubs, the Maiden plum tree is amazing with over 25 plums on it, I have just tasted the first plum and after a stressful busy week I’m now walking about with a big smile on my face, Warm wishes.
Gary S.

Dear Graham
I would like to thank you for allowing myself, Anne and Ilona to explore your wonderful garden on the 13th. Sorry to take so long to acknowledge your hard work and enthusiasm. It was a most interesting and rewarding visit. Many thanks.
Charles P.

Thank you again for inviting us into your wonderful and inspiring space.  It was fantastic for me to see how it all worked in practice and listen to you talk about how it has been done.  I shall no doubt be making a call at the nursery next year when I start doing our garden.  My pdc finishes in October, and I am hoping then I will have more building blocks to do a design for this house we moved into in March.  We will only be here about 4 years, so I don’t want to spend loads, but I am sure fitting some of your wonderful plants in, will be on the agenda.
So may I wish you all the best and good health.
Michelle B.

Thank you for a wonderful presentation – it was very well received by all of us!!!
Kind regards,
Jutta W.

Hi Graham & Nancy
Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely afternoon, I really enjoyed being in the garden and your company. 😉
Have started reading your book The Permaculture Way, and I love it, already. So will be buying the other one soon.
Tracey H.

Hi Graham, thanks for your warm hospitality today, great house and family, great forest garden. Gary

Thanks for having me along to the Restorative Pruning session on Sunday. It was a shame I couldn’t stay longer but I enjoyed what I did and it all helps with developing experience.
I meant to say how lovely your garden is – got distracted by choosing the tree.
Best wishes
Catherine F.

Many thanks for a wonderful visit today. When I get organised I will email you a few photos. I am going to China on 7th April but will try and get something from our soil exercise to you before we go- at least some sort of preliminary result! Nenya was very excited when I showed her the salad.
very best wishes,
Richard M. (Plant Sciences Edinburgh University)

Hi Graham
Just to let you know that one year on from our memorable visit to Coldstream, the brightest corner of our garden this bracing Easter is the one that contains your cowslips.
Kind regards to you all.
John Y.

Hi Graham
Thanks again for a really inspiring weekend. The top of my list of tasks for today was to prune the soft fruit and I managed to complete the gooseberries. However, when I tried to stick them in the earth to propagate the ground was already frozen solid! Even the pigs had given up on their foraging for juicy roots and were snuggled up in their wee pigsty by 4 o’clock! A beautiful and exhilarating day for working in the garden however, although I overdid it a little and now can hardly move 🙁

Excellent day today with lots of good info. Very good to have Colin & Euan giving presentations which were very informative. Those snippets of info are the difference of getting a press entry and not!!
Many thanks.

Dear Graham
Its such a pleasure to see that you are running PDC and the other courses. What a great setting to do it as well. Wonderful.

Dear Graham
I’ve been wanting to write to you ever since your visit to Bute, struggling to find a moment during the hectic period leading up to Christmas.
What I would like you to know is that you won me over the minute you began to talk about permaculture. “Permaculture is about people” is what you said. And you proceeded to talk about how to make the house more comfortable and affordable – draughtproofing and conservatories and renewable energy systems, and about the importance of having a welcoming approach to the house. Wonderful! You can’t imagine how much I appreciated that.
I loved your story about the greenfly – although I confess those gooseberry sawfly that attacked my soft fruit last summer brought out the killer instinct in me, just the speed with which they devoured the foliage!
Thankfully we do have a growing community of volunteers who are very interested in the project, a number of them quite knowledgeable about permaculture. Invariably, and not surprisingly, they fall in love with the walled garden in all its wild glory, so that is where most of the energy has been expended. And this is why I was particularly pleased to hear your comments above. Also, your comments about starting small struck a chord, choosing a section and working on that until it becomes sustainable before concentrating on the next bit. So I am extremely grateful to you, for now I feel the weight of your authority at my back when I coax people away to the crop garden ;o). Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to one of your Open Days in the coming year, I’m sure I would find it very inspiring.
Thank you so much for your time, it was very much appreciated by all of us. May the year ahead bring you much joy and abundance. With best wishes – Monica

Dear Graham
Thank you for an excellent day. George and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the kids, despite the viral whatever, not only enjoyed it but have ‘got’ the forest garden/food production idea, oh and yes ducks!
As I said I am also going to discuss with our fledgling community garden the idea of learning about Forest Gardening. We are currently negotiating our contract with the Council and hope to be on site at the start of 2013. When would be a good time of year to come down, weekends are probably best as many of us work through the week. What sort of donation would be appropriate?
Thanks again

Dear Graham
On behalf of the Management Committee of Coldstream Community Centre, I would like to thank you very much for your donations of plants and flowers.
This has contributed hugely to the look and appeal of the garden and it is much appreciated
Yours sincerely
Alex Thomson

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