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Course Charges

If you book a course from now on and it doesn’t happen we guarantee a 100% refund unless you book through Paypal who have just announced they will not refund booking fees in which case they will be deducted from your refund.  

Our charge rates are based on ability to pay, self-determined, relative to your household income.  We want to be properly rewarded for our years of work and experience, but we also want what we have to share to be accessible. These rates will be held for all bookings for 2022 for all bookings received and paid by 31 October 2022.  At that date we will review rates.

There is a one off charge of £30 for students on the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) which covers membership of the national association and a certificate for attending an accredited course, which is the first step to going on to the diploma qualification. This charge will be waived for attendees who pay the full course fee in advance.  If people wish to negotiate payment in instalments we have a written agreement which must be returned signed and each case will be treated on its merits.

In 2022 we are not yet offering a PDC.  

(or fees paid by non-profit employer)
(or fees paid by profit employer)
DAY COURSES£40£60£75£100
WEEKEND COURSES£80£120£150£200
Monday - Saturday x 2
Where courses are hosted by other providers they will set the charges

We do expect people to play fair and to be considerate. We are able to offer courses at the lower rate for those who are unable to pay more because those who can afford to pay choose to pay the full amount. So please, if you are in the fortunate position that you can choose not to work, due to large savings or investments perhaps, then please pay the full course fees and not the rate quoted for those who are unwaged or on low income.

Where the course is hosted by someone other than ourselves the charge rates will be set by the host in consultation with ourselves.

Young people are welcome on our courses. 

  • Children under 16 free of charge (no more than one per adult)
  • 16-18 unwaged donation welcome, otherwise adult rate based on personal income.

On Open Days we ask for a minimum donation of £25 (50% of profits go to Charity*) per person and for small groups a minimum of £50.

On all occasions we welcome voluntary greater contributions which are used to subsidise less well off learners. Please  CLICK HERE to pay securely with PayPal. We also accept payment by credit transfer (preferred method) cheque or cash.  Ask by e-mail for details.

*We currently support Friends of African Nursing:

&                                   Abundant Borders:

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