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Permaculture Presentations

Over the years we have been asked to speak at many events, workshops and seminars to share our enthusiasm for and expertise in permaculture principles and design.

These are some of the presentations we have made.
An Introduction To Permaculture


Twenty Five Years of Permaculture In Scotland


My Path Into Permaculture

So You Want To Make A Community Garden?


Creating and Maintaining Soil Fertility

Patterns Lie At The Heart Of Permaculture

Self Management Through Habitat Creation

2 thoughts on “Permaculture Presentations”

  1. Hi having recently semi retired, to a small studio home in a costal wet woodland valley in West Penwith Cornwall, downloading from my home farm, after over 30 years as an organic livestock farmer & conservation ecologist, i aquired your book second hand, from a friend “The permaculture way” and having just completed an inspirational Permaculture design course with Joshua Gomez @Permaculture Kernow… I’m looking to create my new home in to a Forest garden…
    Having only lived here for just over two years, my first task has been to remove the numerous hydrangea, camellia and other evergreen horticultural shrubs..
    AND re-divert the adjacent spring back into my site.
    I’m also fortunate that although I sold my home farm, i was able to retain 11 of my land on which I’d planted 7000 native trees, although this land by contrast to my new sheltered wet wood garden, is located 20 miles away, on an exposed initially tree less granite outcrop.
    However my aim is to create a forest garden on both.
    Could you please suggest the best edible understory and ground dwelling plant’s i should be looking to grow, with my limited budget, as a retiree?
    The soil here in West Cornwall are acid to base rich.

    Thank you

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