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People Present and Past and Those to Come

I often find it confusing that people think the whole permaculture thing is about gardening. Plants are easy. It’s people that present the greatest challenge, and all we have tried to do with our lives is make the world a better place for people. But earthworms are people too, songbirds, moths and butterflies. So perhaps that should say ‘A better place for people and all other living things’. Just to be clear. The sad side of this is that all things must pass. You and me included. But in passing we make way for new life (by creating space and all living things start the cycle of life by the processes of decay which feed their physical make-up back into the living world). Sadness at passing is just another natural process about the continuing cycles of life. Even if it is only in memory we do all live eternal lives. As we get older it is a great joy to me to enter a legacy phase. What can we leave behind from our experience to help those who follow after? I am also conscious that letting go of those we love is never easy. Dylan Thomas’s book of poetry ‘Deaths and Entrances’ seems to me a fitting title for this challenge. So for those who have to deal with losing those who go before I share this thought.

Deaths and entrances.
Old Seat in Quaker Garden Sussex

Inverewe Gate

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  1. Thank you. I have The Death of the Kings Canary Collection but not this poetry collection. I’ll look it up

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