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One of the delights of living in the Scottish Borders is we don’t just get our own beautiful countryside to enjoy, we have Northumberland right next door.

This is Harthope Burn an amazing landscape tucked under the original palace of Norrthumberland (modern name Yeavering) in a long fertile valley disappearing into the folds of the Cheviot, our deceptively massive Southern Boundary to the Tweed Valley.

Harthope 18.10.14 13From the cliffs at Burnmouth via Berwick Harbour (and Tweedmouth) through long Sandy beaches to Holy Island and on to Seahouses and beyond the magnificent coast line gives way to rolling farmland under the flank of the Northumbrian hills.  Coldstream (where we live) is relatively dry (Average annual rainfall around 600mm) because we are in the rain shadow of these hills.  The variety of the Northumbrian countryside is a delight.  Great for walking and cycling and a good add on when you visit the Red Shed nursery!

Meadow Norham 13.7.14 6Military Orchids by Norham.  Spring 2014.

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