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New Year Welcome

What a strange year it has been. Times of change. Climate, personally, globally.

Firstly what was flowering (outside) at New Year:
Pansy, Mahonia, Hellebore, Daphne mezereum, Viburnum x bodnantense
Shingiku (Edible Chrysanthemum), Chamomile, Marigold, Potentilla, Hollyhock, Cyclamen, Welsh Poppy, Sweet Pea, Cowslip, Lupin, Periwinkle

It’s hotter than July! Well not hot but we were down to 10 degrees centigrade in July and up to sixteen in December and thirteen in January.

Constant rain.

However this year also brings us great promise. Lots of courses here at Garden Cottage. Permaculture Scotland AGM will be held here in Coldstream first weekend in June. Book now to support our growing movement.

Teaching in Australia in October (contact me for details).

Maybe teaching in France, Belgium, Germany this year. In discussion about the Pacific North West (anyone fancy hosting? Oregon/British Columbia). Welcome any other invitations.

Open days aplenty – and happy to arrange more for private groups as we do every year.

Despite the weather, 2015 was a record harvest for us See here

This year we will extend our research to cover inputs as well as outputs.

May you and yours have a fabulous 2016. Hope to see you sometime in the year.

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