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Kale Crisps

A happy few hours making kale crisps yesterday (in between other stuff)  First you need Kale:

Jersey walking stick Kale 18.4.14 1No problem there then.  We have lots.  This is called Jersey Walking Stick.  It grows to two metres tall, and the stalks used to be dried and polished to make walking sticks.  There’s something similar in Shetland and I’ve also seen it in Portugal, but suspect that was grown from seed from the Canaries.  We also have Black Russian Kale (the same as Black Italian Kale I believe) Curly Kale and Ragged Jack.  They’re all great for vitamin C in long northern winters.  But here’s a great idea for when you have LOTS of it.

Cut the leaves and wash and dry them.  Then cut into slices/squares about two inches across or use smaller leaves whole.  When dry, rub or toss them in oil and salt.  Dry them in a medium oven (I used the top oven of the Rayburn) for about fifteen minutes. And you end up with Kale crisps. Amazingly tasty.  Apply your own variations.  I did mine with grated raw beetroot.  You could also add seeds or nuts.  Amazingly yummy.

Kale crisps 20.4.14 3

2 thoughts on “Kale Crisps”

  1. We don’t have much kale, but comfrey coming out of our ears. Tried the same recipe, and it comes out fantastic. Our variation included lemon juice, ginger and chilli.

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