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One of the beauties of our chosen lifestyle is that we are continuously harvesting.  Food, flowers,  wisdom, people they all count!  I hope we pass on as much as we consume…

Enjoy these pictures…

PyrethrumPyrethrum 6.6.14 3Celery, beautiful cauliflower. four globe artichokes, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, kale, mint, marjoram, and some ox eye daises (edible) and delphinium (not) for decoration ( oh and the round gold thing is a pot of raspberry jam).   A small selection from one weekend’s dawdling.
Harvest 30.6.14 2 YFollowed by 7 kilos of gooseberries picked in ten minutes:

Gooseberries 28.6.14 2And then the evil perpetrators… great weekend course!

PDC 28.6.14 2Red berries to them all:

Red berries 29.6.14 1



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