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Great Words

There are some words that resonate with each of us.  I wonder what you particular favourites are and why?

I like “Relish” – a sense of delight in something… tastiness perhaps, or just enjoyment.  Works as a vowel and a noun.

“Flocculation” how soil forms crumb and creates the abundance of plant life on earth.  

“Love” a simple word which cannot be shared enough.

“Loyalty” one of the most enduring qualities that we can offer each other.

“Kindness”- probably the most important quality the world needs right now.

“Creativity” the most vital quality that lurks within all of us.

“Beauty” is in the eye of the beholder they say – but I feel it’s important to see it all around us all the time in so many ways.  Behaviour not just looks.

I could go on.  But I’m wondering what words resonate for you?


One thought on “Great Words”

  1. Magical, mystical, surreal, beautiful, love n respect, talent, awaken, all these words evoke life using senses , feeling with emotion becoming aware with honesty truth. When I am in the moment at one with nature I live.💓

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