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I have many friends. Of course, as we grow older, we lose some but we are always gaining some.  What are friends?  Well we tend to think of them as people who make us feel good.  Who make us happy.  We can share a laugh with them, and they enjoy the same things we do.

Sometimes they’re people we have a physical relationship with.  Which is a different dimension.  Maybe in that respect we create family together.  Oftentimes in life we meet people to whom we are physically attracted without it ever being fulfilled in that way.

Sometimes friends are people we yearn for.  Feeling lonely.  Maybe in the middle of the night.  Maybe when life throws challenges ta us.  Sometimes they turn up at just the right moment.  When least expected.

And sometimes we have to carry on without them.  Sometimes we miss them.  Sometimes we lose them.  Worst of all when we know they can never come back.  But then they are always with us still.  In our memories. Sometimes strong forever.  Sometimes fading. 

And oftentimes friendships fade.  The moment passed.  What worked or mattered then doesn’t matter now.  If you’re ever feeling down know that there are always new friends to be found.  In the darkest moments friendship always beckons to offer new hope.

Friendship offers hope, love, affection, a listening ear.  A chance to voice your own thoughts, and best of all quiet companionship.  Never underestimate the healing power of physical touch.

The quiz thing- call a friend.  Always possible.  You are never alone even when it feels like it.

Sometimes friends let you down.  Not because they don’t like you (although sometimes your friends become your unfriends – that’s true) but because other things are happening in their lives and you are not the focus you once were.

Some friends are lovers, but love is not a constant.  The roller coaster of life is not that kind.  Love comes and goes is mutable and in changing invigorates us and disappoints us.  Sometimes love grows and sometimes it fades.  Sometimes it lands on us – whoopee! And sometimes it is taken from us and the grey mist or worse still, dark clouds descend.

We are all different.  Some of us are more self sufficient than others.  Some of us care for the rest of humanity and some don’t.  There are degrees in between. Some of us need to be in friendships and some don’t- at least not to the same degree.

It’s great when friends fulfil our expectations and even better when they exceed them.  But sometimes they let us down.  And vice-versa because we have the same virtues and faults as our friends.  Because we are all only human.

And what could be better than to be kind to one another…

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