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Forest Gardening


Forests are self-fertile assemblages of mutually beneficial trees, plants, fungi, animals, birds and invertebrates, which are productive throughout the seasons and offer niches for flora and fauna to prosper in a mutually supportive way. They are sustained by the natural cycles of life where the outputs of each species meet the needs of each other in intricate and sustaining ways.

Forest gardens are low input / high output systems, tailored to meeting the maximum productivity from minimum work, by careful thinking, planning, design and execution.

If demand continues to grow, as it has, we will run more courses so watch this space for further updates.

In better times this course is run from Garden Cottage the longest standing intentional food forest garden in Britain at a mere thirty years old.  However.  Times being what they are we are currently only teaching online.



There will be an online course  (on Zoom) for four half days November 2022 with the amazing Tomas Remiarz, author of Forest Gardening in Practice. The dates are  November Monday 7 Wednesday 9 Monday 21 Wednesday 23 and the running times will be 11am – 4pm Greenwich Meantime/UCT.  The week’s break in the middle allows for some practical exercises to enhance learning.   You can find more details and book here.

Any further queries e-mail  

contact or call 01890 88 2448 to book or for further details.  


6 thoughts on “Forest Gardening”

  1. Hello, just wondered if you have any places left for this weekends course on Forest gardening? I had meant to book ages ago, but somehow forgot. My sister in law will be attending the course, she is already booked in, and I had intended to come along with her.
    Best regards

  2. Hello, I’m interested in taking the permaculture course on Nov 14/15/15.
    I will be travelling from Canada and will also be visiting friends in Coldstream.
    Please advise of course availability.
    I have not yet booked my flight.
    Thank you
    Lisa Milne

  3. Hello, we’re very keen to come and visit on an open day, will you be holding any this year?
    Many thanks,

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