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Day after day…

Our apologies that the Journal has not been as current as we would like.  I have felt that endless rants about Covid 19 and the unreliability of our political masters was not what anyone needed to hear.  Nor did I think folks needed any more clapping or singing about the people who are doing good work despite it all… because so many people are.

It has been very difficult for me and my collegaues as the rules keep changing every ten minutes and right now (5 October 2020) they’re different in every town, never mind every country.  How is anyone supposed to keep up?

Keep trying to focus on reasons to be cheerful and have been doing that on Social Media.  Keep hoping this ‘crisis’ will lead to significant change.  And doubting that it will.  Meanwhile climate change is  a vast issue that is hopefully stirring people to even greater change.  Who knows.  My thanks to all the fantastic people who have stayed engaged.  Friends and strangers alike.  Keep sharing the positive messages folks, and look forward to seeing more of you in better times.

Meanwhile the sun keeps rising and the birds keep singing and the plants keep growing and the seasons keep changing.  Good reasons to have a song in your heart.


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