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Expert Advice

Over the past 40 years Graham has amassed a huge amount of knowledge in permaculture, renewables and sustainable business. In particular, Graham has specific expertise in Forest Gardening and Orchard Management. Unsurprisingly, Graham is frequently asked for advice which, in the spirit of creating a sharing economy, he wants to make widely available.

Since Graham’s time is limited, the advice service has to be managed and be sustainable. So in order to receive advice and support, please first of all register with the Advice Hub, by contacting The Advice Hub costs just £10 a year.

When you have registered and are ready to ask a question, you can do so by email, and depending on the query, you will be answered via email and, if the query requires, there will be a follow-up phone call, so please make sure you give your phone contact details when asking your question.

You will also be sent a link to our FAQ’s

Please note that, while most queries can be answered directly, where there is ongoing consultancy or continuous support for larger projects these cannot be supported via the Advice Hub and you should contact directly for a quotation.

To give an indication of possible costs, as with other charges, our consultancy rates are linked to ability to pay and the rates are negotiable dependent on volume of work. i.e. there are discounts for higher volumes of work.

Where household income is:

  • less that £5K per annum the rate is £200 per day / £25 per hour
  • less than £15K per annum the rate is £300 per day / £30 per hour
  • less than £30K per annum, or not for profit organisations, the rate is £400 per day / £50 per hour
  • more than £30K per annum, or for profit organisations, the rate is £500 per day / £65 per hour

A day is  eight hours work, including up to one hours travel  Travel is charged at 45p per mile driving, and/or any public transport costs. In the case of longer journeys, overnight stays etc we may negotiate an allowance for travel time and / or travel and subsistence.

Graham also provides an extensive range of business support. Visit Graham Bell Associates for more information.

3 thoughts on “Expert Advice”

  1. Howdy Graham,

    Thank you for all of your wonderful work – I’ve enjoyed following your northern ‘moscow-like’ climate for two years!

    A quick question:

    Here in Portland Oregon, a client is constructing a pond. I remember hearing once about Mulberries attracting larvae which in turn would drop into the pond and feed the fish. Is this true? Is it Mulberries I’m thinking or of Tulip Poplars? Perhpas there are other shrub/trees that have the same effect of dropping larvae into ponds for fish.

    Thanks in advance!
    Julian Dominic

  2. I have a small holding of 2.31 ha in Falkirk and am hoping to farm using permaculture, the land is very wet and is a clay soil. At present I have Shetland sheep, hens, ducks and geese and I’m buying Shetland cattle later this year as well as pigs and goats I also have an area for growing fruit and veg and am planting fruit trees and soft fruits too. I’m looking for advise on how to farm using permaculture methods and how I can encourage wildlife especially hedgehogs into the holding

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