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Michael Moore Graham Hans Jane

Graham has over 25 years experience in creating his Forest Garden in Coldstream in the Scottish Borders.

His expertise is second to none in the world of permaculture.

He is a board member at Permaculture Scotland and teaches design and diploma courses to students and to fellow teachers.

In addition, Graham has a wealth of business experience spanning forty years; starting and growing a dozen of his own ventures as well as working in business and public policy in Scotland for many years.

He is an author and a regular writer and media commentator. As lead consultant with Graham Bell Associates his team have,

  • Media and communications skills
  • Political and public policy knowledge
  • Economic, business and financial analysis expertise
  • Survey and field research capability
  • Presentational skills
  • Events and conference organisation capability

Graham is currently chair of the Federation of Small Businesses in the Scottish Borders. His unique combination of skills, and his network of capable associates, mean that he is ideally placed to undertake a wide variety of business and environmental projects. In order to be able to offer help, information and support to those who are unable to attend the regular courses and open days at Garden Cottage, Graham has set up and expert advice service, which offers email and telephone support. “Good change takes time. It is incremental. Permaculture is not a missionary activity. It is about modelling better ways of behaving. Better for ourselves, our families, our friends and neighbours – and better for people we don’t know. Building durable, sustainable systems can only be done one day at a time – there are no overnight solutions. It also involves trial and error – the best solution varies with time and place and sometimes our first choices don’t work out. So we need to learn to notice things better, and our solutions evolve over time. One day at a time.”

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