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Building Tomorrow

As the clock rolls over from one day to another. I think to myself why am I still here? It’s because I care. Here’s how I am sent in an e-mail to the people I mention:

“I was lying in bed last night feeling lonely.  I was trying to find if there was actually a higher power out there.  Just in my mind.  So I asked who my friends were and if they might speak to me..  I tried to reach some by digital means.  But no reply.  I asked again. At 11.30 at night I thought of Sacha in Aachen just on the Belgian Border.  I thought how great it would be to talk with him.  But I’d spent eight hours driving in torrential rain.  Which would normally take five hours, for four hours  of paid work.  I gave up and went to bed.  Feeling tired and lonely.

At seven thirty this morning my phone rang.  It was Sascha.  We had not connected at all.  We spoke for an hour,  brilliant.  I said why did you ring me?  He said ‘I don’t know. Just seemed like a good idea.’  Then a skype call from Bonnie in Brisbane to ask for a photo to go with an article she was writing about something I said. Fantastic e-mail from Gareth in New Zealand after that and an invitation to go there. Had an on line meeting 1-3 and spoke to five very good friends.   At four o’clock George rang  me from Devon and spoke to him and his wife Patsy at the end of an hour.  Haven’t heard from them in months.  At five Victor rang me from London on his way to Sweden via Paris to see his Dad.  Haven’t heard from him in months,   A protegee of mine.  Very deep and meaningful conversation for both of us.  Spoke to Nancy (wife) at seven staying overnight in Edinburgh.  And then to Sandy (son) afterwards at home in Leeds.  Late this evening Jeremy rang me from London.  Great to hear from him after he was here last Christmas.

Who said God doesn’t listen?  Very ambivalent about what god is but thanks for calling.  We are never alone.  As the world falls apart friends will matter to us more and more. “

I am being open and honest here. In one of my conversations today I said to my incredibly strong looking young friend when he admitted his weaknesses to me ‘sharing our vulnerability is a great sign of strength’. And I believe that with all my heart.

For all our tomorrows we need to know we are strong and we are strongest when we also admit our weaknesses not just to ourselves but to others openly.

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