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Australia Permaculture Convergence

As you will know if you get our newsletter – sign up now if you don’t as you don’t know what you’re missing :0) – Nancy and I are heading away in October to tour and teach in Australia. Life will go on here at Garden Cottage with Sandy taking over the reins while we are away. I’ll be teaching a PDC and Advanced PDC and before that I’m speaking at the Australia Permaculture Convergence!

Great recommendation from Geoff Lawton, CEO of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia on his website: “Another excellent article by Graham Bell, acclaimed author, of The Permaculture Garden and The Permaculture Way. Graham is also teaching a PDC at Zaytuna Farm next month, which I strongly recommend for those that have the opportunity to attend. He not only has a wealth of knowledge his teaching skills are by far some of the best I have encountered.”

Geoff Lawson at Garden Cottage on his Autumn Tour at the start of September


Sunday October 2nd 2016
Permaculture Festival
Come along to this free event and hear prominent permaculture speakers, such as David Holmgren, Graham Bell and Josh Byrne, be involved in practical sessions, examine permaculture resources and sample food and products from permaculture practitioners and other like-minded organisations. There is even a band to finish the proceedings.

Full details of APC are here

I hope to see some of you there!

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