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August Harvest

That’s the month rounded off then: eleven kilos of tomatoes and five of carrots added to the haul:Tomato Harvest 31.8.13 2

Carrot Harvest 31.8.13 3

Some samples for the record. The mighty beef tomatoes are Marmande a French variety from the Vilmorin stables. They grow as big out doors as in the greenhouse – just take longer to ripen. Apparently there’s something called Super Marmande. I dread to think what whoppers they are. To quote the internet (a US source):

Tomato Marmande
Semi-determinate 70 days. Popular old French variety developed by the Vilmorin Seed Co. Scarlet, lightly ribbed fruit have the full rich flavour that is so enjoyed in Europe. Medium-large size fruit are produced even in cool weather. Productive market variety. Imported European seed.

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