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August and Harvest Gets Serious

Tomato Marmande 17.8.13 Tomato Marmande first harvest 17 August. Eight of these bruisers weighed in at 1.7 kilos. The ripe red ones were from in the greenhouse, and the green ones grown outdoors so placed together on the kitchen windowsill to ripen up.

Also harvested today carrots, first climbing French beans, and first apples. Eight kilos picked of Beauty of Bath, Kerry Pippin and something that the label got lost on. Possibly Merton Worcester. Still trying to identify! [later: no it’s King of the Pippins!-thanks to Robert Hogg’s 19th Century Pomona which beats contemporary guides into a cocked hat on older species] As well as Florence fennel for salads, thyme and tarragon for drying.
And here’s the grandson Nico tucking into a BeNico eats first apples 18.8.13 1auty of Bath- had to be restrained after two so he’d eat his lunch!

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