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Apple Day October 19th 2019

Well now…

As the very first people to run Apple day in Scotland way back when in the 1980’s we’ve more experience than most. This year we moved from the second weekend to the third to avoid clashing with other events. What we did clash with was the most almighty rainstorm. Three days before the forecast was sunshine with intermittent showers. One day before the forecast was heavy rain… all day. Which is what happened. With 39 people booked to come. Quick recourse to camping shop in Berwick to invest in two 3.5 x 3.5m shelters (with sides). As we also feed everyone (outdoors). Not cheap but a good investment for future events!

Here we are joined by a small branch of Blenheim Orange. This one tree produced 83 kilos of fruit this year

Talking about apples but not in the rain mercifully…

So we had apple tasting, apple pressing, apple curry, apple juice, dried apples, apple chutney and as load of other good food, and drink. What wasn’t really on was picking apples in the wettest day of the year with 3 cms of rain lying in places. Thanks to all attendees for maintaining good humour.

Steve Marquis and Glen Mhor Angie veterans of our Orkney course this summer

With over a hundred varieties of apple in the garden which is only 800sq metres (0.08 of a hectare or fifth of an acre in old money) There’s plenty to choose from.

Kerry pippin, Stobo Castle, White Melrose, Blenheim Orange Pitmaston Pineapple and complementary basket
Apple Juice pressers hard at work in the Red Shed
And the juice flowing…

So many thanks to our visitors and our great team of helpers: Marianne, Shane. Ross, Steve, Jason and everyone else who mucked in and to Angie and Jason for the photos. Also to the youngsters who behaved really well and were a delight to have along. Now to think about next year!

Graham & Nancy

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