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Another Stunning Autumn Day

A few bits of white fluffiness about and a westerly breeze but mostly blue sky and sunshine.  Garden getting its autumn haircut, but late fall of leaves is delaying some pruning.  Walnut and cherry leaves particularly spectacularly coloured.  Compost heaps filling up.

Lots of winter field beans planted and cleared patches getting mulched.  RooApple Day 5 October 2013 14m for more


garlic to go in I think.  Pondering whether to chance winter peas.  Are they just a gift for the mice?

Harvesting kohl rabi, beetroot and cauliflowers.   Have I got time to pick rose hips?  Mint cut and dried.  Time for mint jelly making perhaps?  As you can see preserving is well under way.

Been offline for a week with a respiratory infection.  Makes me feel very sorry for myself. Then I look at the poor people in the Phillipines and feel very inadequate.  Convince myself that helping build resilience is a useful activity, but how can anyone be resilient when faced with such utter devastation?  Sigh, I guess we all do what we can.

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