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Another quiet day in Coldstream- not!

Well here we are with another abundant harvest. Thursday 4 August 2016. After a morning in the garden and kitchen.

Harvest Garden Cottage 4.8.16 17

Here we have peas, broad beans, Red Cabbage (a mere 4.5 kilos) blackcurrants, gooseberries, raspberries, worcesterberries, a kilo of bottled cherries, french dressing, marjoram, enough garlic for a year (in olive oil), strawberries, cauliflowers, early white grapes, black hamburg grapes, vine leaves (for dolmades). There is also mango chutney (which was home made but with bought in stuff). Didn’t bother showing the salads. The vinegar oil and any other preserving stuff etc didn’t come from the garden, but everything else did.

When you create this much food you have to get good at preserving things.

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