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Kamal RaniGraham Bell

A few months back I had half of India and Bangladesh mad at me. They have this Hindu/Muslim communal war going on. I am read pretty widely over there – – and I was clear everyone is wrong no-one is right — you been doing this stupidity for centuries – find a different way — but do not blow things up on festivals and holidays. lol I was like the village elder siting on a bench and saying hey boys you are being really stupid. Why not stop it. Sometimes we cannot be popular – – and also we cannot put a band-aid on a wounded world. Sometimes that is very difficult to accept – – -there is so much need and the need is growing. However, protect your heart always. The goodness of your spirit has been heard. My door is ever open to you. Here or in Private – – – and do not worry about what people say – most of them are certifiable anyway – thats my personal diagnostic opinion. lol

If you are a Christmas Doer I put a post up today – – or if you are a Sufi soul there is a post meditation on the names — – I bow to thee — – and I hope you have warm friends and family where you are — -if not come on over to my facebook page there is always a party of some sort over there.

a song —

Graham:  This is one of the negatives I posted and only two people replied. Positives I get 80+. I am in contact with an Imam in New Delhi. What is going on is awful. I choose to have no specific religion. My centre point is somewhere between Quakerism, Buddhism, Taoism and Sufism… I feel free to enter any house of worship, and, also to regard all of god’s creation as our holy house. Keep up the good work. And thanks for your kind words. The greater power in the universe is just that. And all these different labels are just different attempts to explain it at different times and in different cultures. Religion does not equal godliness. What we need is right livelihood, and permaculture is a human expression of that endeavour.

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