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A Little Leitmotif to Start The Week

A Little Sketch At Bedtime

There has been much prose of late
About things I care about
So much dross about things I hate
From those who love to spout

It seems to me
That we have need of light of levity
And a little poetry

The changes of the seasons offer inspiration
The moving skies and how they’re lit
Sunrise, sunset in circulation
And the world constantly changing a bit

To watch plants grow and die back
To see the trees in their own sweet way
Insects coming and going lack
Nothing nor the birds who come each day

Human behaviour most of all
A rhythm and a mystery side by side
Engages observation and recall
Considering how we slide

Into the future and what it brings
The past’s behind us, we live now
How can we make tomorrow sing
Poetry tells us how.

Music of the soul.

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