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Forest Gardening


Graham has over 25 years experience in creating his Forest Garden in Colstream in the Scottish Borders. His expertise is second to none in the world of permaculture.

The garden in the Scottish Borders supports dozens of varieties of apples, pears, plums, hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, red, white and black currants, gooseberries, a range of hybrid berries (including worcesterberries and loganberries), raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and some more exotic species, such as American and Asian chokeberries and walnut species. They are not all equally productive, but planned and managed as an array of produce which gives little more labour need than picking the produce and an occasional prune to let the light in. This in turn yields kindling for the stove and compostable material.

Drawing on this expertise, Graham can help you to design and develop a forest garden. If you would like advice then please register with the dedicated Advice Hub. You can register with by contacting The Advice Hub costs just £10 a year.

When you have registered and are ready to ask a question, you can do so by email, and depending on the query, you will be answered via email and, if the query requires, there will be a follow-up phone call, so please make sure you give your phone contact details when asking your question. You will also be sent a link to our FAQ’s

If you would like Graham to visit your garden/land and provide expert advice and support in person, please contact him directly at

Here are just some of the comments from satisfied clients.

Thank you for a wonderful presentation – it was very well received by all of us!!!
Kind regards,
Jutta W.

Thank you again for inviting us into your wonderful and inspiring space.  It was fantastic for me to see how it all worked in practice and listen to you talk about how it has been done.  I shall no doubt be making a call at the nursery next year when I start doing our garden.  My pdc finishes in October, and I am hoping then I will have more building blocks to do a design for this house we moved into in March.  We will only be here about 4 years, so I don’t want to spend loads, but I am sure fitting some of your wonderful plants in, will be on the agenda.
So may I wish you all the best and good health.
Michelle B.

Dear Graham
I would like to thank you for allowing myself, Anne and Ilona to explore your wonderful garden on the 13th. Sorry to take so long to acknowledge your hard work and enthusiasm. It was a most interesting and rewarding visit. Many thanks.
Charles P.

Hi Graham, I’d like to thank you for my trees and shrubs, the Maiden plum tree is amazing with over 25 plums on it, I have just tasted the first plum and after a stressful busy week I’m now walking about with a big smile on my face, Warm wishes.
Gary S.

2 thoughts on “Forest Gardening”

  1. Hello there,
    We are heading out to Georgia in a few months. Ive been studying bio intensive gardening and just came across forest gardening. This is amazing to me because both my husband and I were walking in the mountains, when I pointed out to him how everything growing had a purpose and nothing was being manicured by humans. Low bugs, and thriving plant growth. I was meant to find this gardening technique. 🙂 We are on a mission to help as many people as possible in our lifetime…We believe it begins with the love and respect for life. When we get to GA, my husbands new duty station(Army), it will be our first step into a beautiful new way for us. Growing, canning, selling, and teaching about self sustainable living is our goal. Do you have any tips, pointers, reads that we could use in order to reach a life long goal I believe you have learned already? Thank you so very much. God Bless, Amber F.

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