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International Permaculture Day 2017

A lovely group of visitors to Garden Cottage on Saturday. Visitors from across Scotland and over the border, to celebrate International Permaculture Day at our Open Day

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Visitors from Glasgow

We were delighted to welcome this lovely, enthusiastic group from Possil Park, Glasgow to the garden today. Garden Cottage is open to the public 3 times this year, the first being International Permaculture Day, 6th May. If you would like to come along then click here to book on-line. If […]

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Julie Deconchat’s Blog

See here.  What a great joy to have Julie here for a week.  Hard working intelligent and generally pleasant.  How interns should be.

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Social Research

Sandy (well Dr Alexander James as he seems to have become) has done lots of good work analysing social impacts of Garden Cottage.  You can see them here.    

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Why We Need Wildlife- and What We Can Do About It

This article was originally written for Scotland Outdoors magazine: And subsequently used by Permaculture News: Most responses positive.  Got a sheep farmer in Norway who is distressed wolves, bears, and elk eat his sheep.  Doesn’t seem to want to eat Elk, Bears, or Wolves instead.  Oh Dear.  Can’t win them […]

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First garden visit of the year

Spring is definitely on the way. How do I know? Well, the daffodils for a start and the bushes and trees starting to burst into life, but mainly it is the steady stream of visitors starting to arrive at Garden Cottage. The first group visit of the year was from […]

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What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Every night I go to bed and ponder this thought.  How can I do the best I can tomorrow?  What will make the world a better place?  Who do I need to think about?  What do the people who rely on me need?  Hmmm.  Just thinking I maybe need to […]

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Taking stock…

As winter draws to a close and spring starts to make a tentative appearance, it is a good time to take stock in all kinds of ways. Making plans for summer planting. Looking forward to what the year might bring. And, for the nursery, physically taking stock. The Red Shed […]

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you can solve all of the worlds problems in a garden

The sun shone, there was even a little warmth in the rays this afternoon. What a blessing to be able to spend time in the garden. I suppose that this should be titled “pruning” but it was really “pottering” and a perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of running […]

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